When I was a very young man, before enlisting in the Army at 17,
 I worked for a short time at a grain elevator in my home state of Iowa.
 During that time I helped take out the plywood lining of a grain bin.  It 
 had been eroded by the dry corn or soy beans into something like a 
 three dimensional topographical map.  The owner of the business had
 been saving these 4X8 sheet for years.  On this occasion he asked us 
 to size the sheets into uniform panels, stain them, and clear coat each panel.
 He went on to use these as the raised paneling for the great room of his
 substantial home.  

 This was my first real exposure to re-purposed art.  The end product was
 very unusual.  Just a few years ago I turned my artistic eye to the notion
 of producing art with only found materials; mostly old plywood and boards.
 Even the paint I use is at best remnants of cans bound for landfills.  Some
 times it works.   Bryan Sink; speaking on recycled art


A short story
I was born in Cedar Falls Iowa on June 18, 1958.  I was the second of four children.  My parents worked hard and we had what we needed though not much more.  I had a less than idyllic childhood.  Armed only with an 8th grade education and a willingness to work as hard as my parents had, I set off at 13 to see the world and live my life.  I saw too much of the world.  I have just recently fixed most of the things I screwed up in my life.  

I have been a successful musician, traveling a good part of the world.  I have
cooked in some of the most glamorous venues, and prepared meals for presidents.  I have painted thousands of works of art.  I am not 

Recently I have returned to my home in Cedar Falls Iowa.  My 
journey of discovery has ended.  This is where I will remain to
care for my youngest child and grow old with my wife.  I am
very fortunate to be able to live with and help care for my 
mother, Donna.   

​My Son Travis lives in Florida, and is a bicycle enthusiast
and a student.  He has two beautiful children, India and

My daughter Hannah is finding herself.

My youngest, Mattea attends Lincoln Elementary; one of my childhood schools.